LIPP: Collection of Assignments

    W1: Video Clips

    • Phone type: iPhone 7
    • Locations: Clinton Hill, Lower East Manhattan, Downtown Brooklyn
    • Target: Sparrows
    • Rules: Stop filming until sparrows leave the frame
    • Clip links: Google Drive

    To complete this week's assignment, I decided to document my usual activity as I walk in the city - watching sparrows. I like sparrows, and I do film them sometimes, just because they're doing something adorable - hopping around, taking sand shower or fighting for food. But for this assignment I set up a specific rule, which is to not stop filming until sparrows leave the frame. It was a pleasant experience as I always enjoyed, but I should take more time to film more clips.

    W2: Exploration and Practice

    Learn to by more dynamic

    I haven't made too much progress towards completing first in-class performance in Max yet, because I had been imagining the output of my work in this class with my conventional step-by-step (or rigid?) pattern, which was creating storyboard with complete storyline before jumping into the software. I thought, without the structure, I wouldn't know what visual effects I'd like to build.

    But Matt reminded me that this class provides student a chance to explore the possibilities of creating work that is more dynamic, and I should follow my impulse to play around with the visual. It sounds like one of the most basic principles here in ITP, but I've never been the one who actually following it. But yeah, as I first learned how to do graphic design and using Photoshop, I enjoyed layering and transforming visuals, pursuing unexpected beauty as final output. And I learned the effective and classic way of doing design works, and I can't following that initial creation pattern anymore. It will be very challenging for me to make dynamic and organic works, but it's nice that I get the chance to go through this process in final term at ITP.

    Question: how to play one video on top of the other one at the same time?

    movie clips i collected Movie clips I collected

    Still I made some small progress after the office hour. First, I collect the clips that came into my mind. The movie clips are all the ones I've always liked, about breaking boundaries. They're from Matrix, Paprika, Inception, The Graduate and more. And then because I wanted to play one video on top of the other one at the same time, I explored jit.xfade, and jit.gl.videoplane.

    trying xfade Trying xfade

    Seems like only gl world can provide such effect, but two videoplane playing in one jit.window consumes so much processing power of my laptop. Wondering why is this happening, and if there's any other way to do this?

    trying videoplanes Trying gl.videoplanes

    If this doesn't work as I imagined, I'll experiment some other effects. Feeling very interested in creating effects like waves on videos.

    W3: Mask and Overlay

    Learning from last week's experience, I decided to avoid thinking about the output, just playing with the objects in Max following my intuition. That being said, I still had a vague direction, which was building a mask that allows me to overlay asset on top of asset in shapes that I could control.

    Following this thread, I started with building an easy mask with jit.matrix, and then mixed a jit.movie video together with jit.grab video with jit.op without any overlay noise.

    using and moving mask Using and moving mask

    Once I was confirmed the idea to build and manipulate mask was possible, I tried to play with the video effects, attempting to find more possibilities. This one was an exploration of injecting jit.slide and jit.rota into the pipeline.

    mask, random color and slide Mask, random color and slide

    At this moment, I feel pretty happy about the result of my exploration. But I'm still a little concerned about putting together a performance with a narrative. In the following week, my plan will be trying to combine the clips I collected last week into the patch I created this week, and hopefully deliver an exciting first performance.

    final result of this week's experimentation Final result of this week's experimentation