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Chicken, Parrot and Sparrow

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An interactive website features typography animation that inspires audiences to review why and how certain birds in modern urban life aren't living as birds but being objectified as food or products. ...

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CodingBridge: Front-end Workshop

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CodingBridge front-end development workshop is one-month-long tutorial session hosted at ITP. The workshop is targeted at participants coming from creative/art background with the goal of helping participants ...

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Gig Bird: Music Calendar App

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Gig Bird is a music event calendar iOS app in Taiwan. As lead developer in this project, I was responsible for the full-stack development, using Swift, PostgreSQL and Express.js.

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Font and Sound

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Font and Sound is an experimental mid-term project developed in ITP class Code of Music 2018. The project is trying to explore the visual and audio connection between fonts and sound using open-source ...

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