ADJACENT is an online journal of emerging media published by ITP. Its mission is to share research, reflection, observations, and opinions from and for the diverse creators that are exploring the possibilities and directions at the frontiers of media and technology. Issue 6 - Old/New/Next - tries to play with interactivity with site visitors. The carousel on landing page is consists of planes capable of transforming into various angles and perspectives controlled by everyone.

    role Front-end Developer

    project site OLD/NEW/NEXT

    stack JavaScript, CSS3, HTML, Wordpress, Sketch

    Team Member Sukanya Aneja (Developer), Dana Elkis and Emily Lin (Designer), and Adjacent team

    Interactivity, perspectives and readability

    landing page

    To convey the idea of reflecting on the history, interpreting the present and looking to the future, the design of the website is aimed to provide lots of interaction with elements in it. Playing with perspectives is the highlight of the website. At the same time, the article page is also designed and built with high quality readability.

    Playing with landing page

    There's two main features you can play with the landing page carousel. First is to control the appearance of the planes flowing through. Each plane links to one article, and clicking the arrows shows the feature color, hero image and titles of which.

    controlling plane appearance

    The other interaction here is the ability to control perspective of the planes. By clicking the compass icon, the planes rotate and transform in four directions. The transition between each transformation surprises the visitors.

    controlling plane perspectives

    Menu and article page

    Though the highlight of the website is the landing page, other sections of the site are designed and built beautifully as well. For example, the toggling of the menu page and information in each part in the menu are transitioning quickly and providing clear information visually.

    menu of the site

    Finally, the fun part and advantage of Adjacent is that every writer gets to customize the interactivity part of the article in a certain degree. For example, to connect to the symbol and situation in Honk Kong in Winnie Yoe's article, the background color of the page turns into yellow as scrolled down to the bottom of the page. And with consent from the visitor, the page takes one snapshot of the visitor and presents it in the grid. The features are developed by Shu-Ju Lin, and gets embedded by us into the site.

    article page