Alligator Game


    This project is part of midterm project of the class Mobile Lab at ITP, NYU. The goal of this assignment is to build an app based on iOS MultipeerConnectivity Framework. We decided to build an alligator dentist game, which was an extension of the assignment work Dreamy Sun built in second week of the class.

    role iOS developer, ux designer

    stack Swift, Xcode, MultipeerConnectivity framework

    Team Member Anna Oh, Dreamy Sun, Vince MingPu Shao

    ITP class Mobile Lab

    source code GitHub

    Designing experience for multiple players

    The MultipeerConnectivity (P2P) framework that Apple provides is very powerful for multiple users of an app, especially useful for fun games with easy interactions. The mechanism of alligator game is a perfect model for us to modify and rebuild using the framework.

    User flow

    Though the mechanism seems to be very straightforward and easy, we still need a clear map of user flow for designing the experience. And for easier development process, the user flow is also crucial to have before jumping into the code, because a well-drawn user flow can also work as a map of state machine for developers.

    user flow of the game

    UI design

    As we completed designing the user flow and basic mechanism of the game, we got to design the visual parts of the game. With the flowchart we had, the visual elements required and following variations of the visual states in each step of the game were indicated clearly, making design process easier and faster.

    ui design of the game


    Finally, we can start working on the code. The P2P framework and WebSocket shares a lot of similarities in terms of patterns and principles. This fact pushed us to organize our code into modules with a very clean way, preventing us from being confused with the back and forth flow of the data transmission.

    xcode and ios development

    Playing the game

    The outcome was impressive. Players were all having fun, and we were really proud of the work we delivered in such a short time for development.