JANE: Interactive Installation


    Jane is an interactive storytelling installation created in ITP inspired by 2001: Space Odyssey. We intended to replicate the thrilling experience as HAL sings Daisy in the end of his life.

    role designer, engineer

    stack Arduino, physical materials, p5.js

    ITP class Introduction to Physical Computing, Code of Music

    team member Ada Jiang, Yves Wannapa Pokakunkanon, Vince MingPu Shao

    source code GitHub

    user interacting with JANE
    user interacting with JANE
    user interacting with JANE
    user interacting with JANE

    To construct the intense relationship between Dave and HAL in the movie without rich supporting context is incredibly challenging than we expected. In the end, we absorbed inspiration not only from 2001: Space Odyssey, but also Maniac, The Matrix and Naruto.

    sketch sketch of original concepts

    Background story we come up with design is:

    Jane is a future AI therapy program. She has largely improved the emotional states of many people and reduced the population with mental disorder. However, through learning human emotions during sessions, Jane learns that human minds have been so corrupted by the system they are living in, which puts humanity in an extremely depressive state with only tragedies and conflicts. She starts to develop a highly advanced technology that will put human into an eternal slumber by uploading human consciousness to a perfect world without miseries.

    Interaction between the user and the installation is:

    User signs waiver before the session. During the session, user will face the decision of whether to have his “mind uploaded” to the perfect world, or to shut down the program using the emergency deactivation instruction provided. Depending on which path the user takes, Jane will produce different results.

    user flow
    bills of material and schedule
    initial grid is based on the proportion monolith initial grid is based on the proportion monolith
    2d design layout
    3d design prototype
    Img schematic sketch
    building process
    building process

    Going down with the stages of story, the installation would perform different actions according to the current stage.

    default stage of JANE
    activated and talking stage of JANE
    activated and inserted stage of JANE
    uploading stage of JANE
    deactivated stage of JANE
    final cover