KINJO is the largest handcraft silversmith studio in Taiwan, providing products and services including silver accessories, wedding rings and workshops. The new official website developed by team delivers more than static branding site, but integration of e-commerce and offline-to-online functions.

    role Dev Manager, Front-end Developer

    stack PrestaShop, WordPress, Abstract, Airtable, Jira, Confluence, Sketch



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    Creating a better workflow

    The three core product requirements of the official website includes branding, e-commerce and product management. Because most products of KINJO provide options of feature customization or date reservation, it requires dev team additional efforts to build a comfortable experience for both client and users that satisfy all core requirements.

    integration of Abstract, Airtable, Jira and Confluence integration of Abstract, Airtable, Jira and Confluence

    Power of multidisciplinary experience

    To accelerate the pace of development and to ensure an effective communication between designers, developers and manager, I was responsible of managing a new workflow within dev team and front-end development at the same time.

    Having experience as both designer and developer, I analyzed the existing workflow and came up with an improved version with dev team. The new workflow utilized the advantages of Abstract, Airtable, Jira and Confluence, and increased the development progress as a result. As a result, we delivered an amazing new website which celebrates KINJO's 12th year of success, and serves more customers with higher quality.

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