ML4W Projects


    This is a collection of featured projects I built with Tensorflow.js during and after ITP class Machine Learning for the Web, using PoseNet model and Toxicity Classifier model.

    role designer, programmer

    stack Tensorflow.js, PoseNet Model, Toxicity Classifier Model, React.js

    project link Camp Site, Toxicity Detect

    ITP class Machine Learning for the Web

    source code Camp Repo, Class Repo

    ITP Camp 2019: Call for Submission Website

    This is a quick and dirty interactive campaign site built for ITP Camp 2019. ITP Camp is a 4 week crash course/playground for creatives of all sorts. Nothing has to be strict here - everything is about having fun and exposing to new stuffs that you've never learned before. As a camp counselor, I built this website calling for submission to the final show of the camp using lessons learned from Machine Learning for the Web class in one afternoon. The website is projected on walls on the camp floor all the time.

    Toxicity Detector

    toxicity detector demo

    Based on Toxicity classifier model created by Tensorflow.js and bootstrapped with Create React App. The tech side of the site is very simple, but with proper visual design and interaction design, the outcome is pretty stunning.

    The entire site is a fullscreen canvas, for site visitors to input text. Once the site receives input, the model processes the word; if the texts are toxic, the background color of the canvas turns black, hiding all the toxicity away. Only removing the toxic content would reveal the canvas again.