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    As one of the best furniture design manufacturer in U.S.A., Teamson owns rich product lines with unique styles and different target markets. To celebrate their 10th anniversary, the company decided to build a new EC site to develop another decade of successful business. The case demonstrates the dev team's ability to construct a customized e-commerce site that satisfy all kinds of requirements.

    role Front-end Developer

    stack PrestaShop, WordPress, Jira, Sketch


    client Teamson

    Teamson brand: Fantasy Fields page

    Teamson is a furniture design company with four brands: Fantasy Fields, Teamson Kids, Olivia's Little World and Versanora. And each brand owns one unique style. This rich product lines brings the development team two major challenges.

    style of fantasy field
    style of olivia's
    style of teamson kid
    style of versanora

    Flexible yet strict front-end system

    First, because each brands requires a unique UI design, front-end developers and designers had to build a flexible yet strict base system, which is capable of accommodating individual variations and supporting common components at the same time. By taking advantages of grid systems and variation tokens as universal language between designers and developers, we successfully built the site that links individual styles together with consistency.

    assebly instruction

    Building end-to-end journey for customer

    In addition to the challenge of static views, we needed to manage the complicated data management and state transitions resulted from functions related to product and customer services as well. For example, to provide best experience of purchasing products for user, we took care of everything from product catalog, checking out, shipping or returning product to downloading assembly instructions and newsletter notification. Though the scale was challenging, based on the well communication between me, as a front-end developer and manager, back-end developer and designer, we managed to carried it out.

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