I use design and coding languages to deliver quality experience.

My (30) profile picture deserves closure before gone

I want to say farewell to my (30) era properly, and start the new journey.

5G: The complicated relationship between ITU and 3GPP

An overview of the roadmap of standardizing 5G and the stakeholders in the process.


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How to build design system with SwiftUI

Learn how to build a robust and flexible design system with latest SwiftUI framework.


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CodingBridge: Front-end Workshop Documentation

Reflection on an one-month-long tutorial session hosted at ITP.


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How I transitioned from a graphic designer to front-end developer in 5 months

After being a full-time front-end developer for 6 months, I'd like to share my story of how I pivot my life path in 5 months.

ReTypography Series — Taiwan's National Identity Crisis and Graphic Design

Taiwanese are not unanimous when it comes to the national identity. For visual designers who strive to showcase a country's spirit, the discord presents a tough challenge.